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Word of the year.

Let's all take a moment and really think about what we want the next 12 months to look like. Really envision it. You may be overwhelmed with the possibilities of the entire year at your doorstep, but we owe it to ourselves to make 2024 count. This year, Lexie and I both chose a word to represent this coming year. Well, I chose 2, but that's besides the point. By choosing a word, we are able to use that word as our perspective for decisions and adventures in 2024. And now it's time for your to choose your word of the year!

We want our year to revolve and always reflect back on this word. Now let's dive into the words we actually chose. Lexie chose an amazing word that will be the focus of her year. Intention. This means choosing things with intent and specificity. Being intentional with her time, to focus on things that will propel her goals forward. Being intentional with relationships, and nurturing the ones that mean most to her. And having intent towards reaching her short term and long term goals.

The words I chose for 2024 are Balance, and Joy. As a business owner we often get sucked into working almost 24/7. I want to have balance this year to dive into my work, but also dive into my personal time more meaningfully. Focusing our life around Joy is something we can all benefit from. As cliche as it sounds- finding joy in the little things can drastically improve your mood and manifestations. It is a goal of mine to find joy every day, and really appreciate what life has to offer.

Now we challenge you to choose your word of the year. A word you can look at each day or week, and take stock of how that word fits into your life. Make the effort to make that word your sounding board. Bounce ideas off of the word and see if they vibe together. I promise, once you do this once, it will become your version of a new year's resolution. To give you a head start- here are so words you can choose from:

Balance • Kindness • Gratitude • Hope • Passion • Wellness • Adventure

Consistency • Focus • Laughter • Dream • Mindful • Resilience • Unite

Forgive • Community • Generosity • Organize • Trust • Prosper • Courage

Seek • Alignment • Change • Fearless • Love • Simplify • Elevate

Compassion • Beauty • Faith • Cultivate • Family • Sparkle • Awareness

Fulfilled • Play • Friendship • Happiness • Purpose • Abundance • Dedication

Journey • Overcome • Serenity • Forward • Centered • Dance • Give

Intentional • Positivity • Rise • Let Go • Joy • Savor • Less • Healing

Free • Boundaries • Creativity • Heart • Light • Perspective • Connect

Spirit • Harmony • Action • Exploration • Contentment • Allow • Glow

Healing • Thoughtful • Soar • Calm • Transform • Peace • Movement

Inspire • Breathe • Flourish • Create • Believe • Grace • Possibility

Self Love • Delight • Connection • Acceptance • Integrity • Reflect

Thrive • Strength • Persevere • Listen • Embrace • Commit • Bloom

Grounded • Pause • Stillness • Meaningful • Brave • Appreciate • Renew

Clarity • Grow • Present • Vulnerability • Build • Shine • Streamline • Wonder

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Jan 07

great idea! Now to put that into action!!!

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