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Dermaplaning Facials


What is a

Dermaplaning is a treatment that focuses on the manual exfoliation of the skin. It painlessly removes dead skin, peach fuzz, dirt, and debris from the skin, leaving your face feeling soft, hydrated and glowing! This is a great treatment before a wedding, graduation or vacation! PLUS: it is Pregnancy Safe!



There is no downtime after a Dermaplaning Facial. Just wear your SPF!

  • Avoid exfoliation

  • Avoid excessive sweating

  • Use gentle cleanser

  • Wear Broad Spectrum SPF

  • Avoid Active Ingredients for 3 days

How does Dermaplaning work exactly?

By holding a sterile surgical blade at a specific 45 degree angle- we are able to achieve a very comfortable exfoliation of the top layer of the skin. By removing all of the dead skin, buildup and peach fuzz, we are able to leave your skin smooth and glowing. Your skin will absorb products better, and will look amazing under makeup (perfect for before a big day!).

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What are the options for Dermaplaning?

We have 4 Derma Facials to choose from:

Derma Basic:

Enjoy the dermaplaning treatment, and luxurious finishing products.

Derma Classic:

Our classic dermaplaning treatment plus a custom professional mask, and finishing products!

Derma Deluxe:

Our next level facial with dermaplaning, custom mask, HydroJelly mask and hydrating finishing products.

Derma Advanced:

Our most advanced Derma Facial includes an enzyme treatment to target hydration and pigmentation, followed by dermaplaning, a series of masks, warm towel and LED light therapy.

Does it hurt?

Not at all! Dermaplaning is a very enjoyable treatment. Some clients even fall asleep during it!

How long are appointments?

Derma Facials can range from 30mins to 75mins depending on the level you choose.


What is the cost?

Derma Facials can range from $80-$190 depending on the level you choose.

Are you a candidate?

Some main contraindications that may preclude you from getting Dermaplaning:

  • Recent Cosmetic Injectables

  • Recent aggressive exfoliation

  • Active ingredients

  • Active Skin Disease/Coldsore

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