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Photo Facial

Packages available with discounted rate

All laser treatments require a consultation before treatment.

Please book a complimentary consultation if you haven't had one.

Available areas:
  • Face

  • Decolletage

The GentleMax Pro Photo Facial targets sun damage, age spots and freckles by pulsing light based energy into the unwanted pigment. This causes the temperature of the unwanted pigment to rise which helps to break up the pigment.

There is no downtime with this treatment. However, the targeted pigment will become darker before it is absorbed by the body naturally. This may take a couple of days, but can be easily covered with makeup if needed.

Post treatment clients will need to avoid sun exposure for about a week, as to not risk getting more sun damage while the skin is healing. The results are long lasting and very noticeable!

Multiple sessions may be needed for best results.
Ask us about our available packages for Photo Facial!
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