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laser hair removal
prices vary

Laser Hair Removal effectively targets hairs in the active growth cycle. The laser will target the hair follicles, damaging them, so they cannot grow anymore. This will leave you with smooth and hair free in just 6-8 sessions

laser rejuvenating & laser acne facials

The Laser Facial treatment uses non-invasive laser technology to safely, naturally and effectively treat fine lines, wrinkles, active acne and acne scarring. You’ll notice a difference after each treatment and with consistency, a dramatic overall improvement. It is one of the best treatments to prevent or slow down aging, rather than correct it later in life, and help treat multiple grades of acne.


pigment removal & photo facial

The photo facial & pigment treatments target sun damage, age spots and freckles by pulsing light based energy into the unwanted pigment. This causes the temperature of the unwanted pigment to rise which helps to break up the pigment.

We use the GentleMax Pro laser to effectively target and eliminate pigment on the skin.


diffused redness laser facial

This laser facial effectively targets vascular redness in the skin, which can present as rosacea. The laser helps to reduce and diffuse the redness to give the client a more even skin tone.


spider vein & vascular treatments

Using the GentleMax Pro laser, these treatments of veins effectively 'heat up' the small vein, and destroy it. The laser does not damage the nearby skin tissue. Over a period of four to six weeks, the vein is reabsorbed by the body and disappears. It is generally recommended that the treatments be spaced four to six weeks apart. If new veins appear, additional treatments are required for optimum results.

laser skin tightening

Laser skin tightening effectively reduces the appearance of aging skin and helps create a more youthful appearance. It is a minimally invasive, non-surgical process. The laser infrared light beam penetrates deep into skin tissue and a controlled amount of heat affects the collagen under the skins surface, causing it to tighten. 

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