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Clean Slate Custom

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What is a Clean Slate Custom?

The Clean Slate Custom treatment is a customized facial service, where products used are specifically chosen to target your skin concerns. Whether your concern is acne, dry skin, oily skin, rosacea, aging or if you just want a refresh, this facial is the right one for you.



No downtime. You may be a little red afterwards for up to a couple of hours.

  • Avoid exfoliation

  • Avoid excessive sweating

  • Use gentle cleanser

  • Wear Broad Spectrum SPF

  • Avoid Active Ingredients for 3 days

How does a Clean Slate Custom work?

Your facialist will chat with you, and go through your intake form to determine what products will be best for your skin at that time. This may include an enzyme, beginner peel, professional masks, and LED light therapy, ending with medical grade finishing products.

Just as each client is unique, each Clean Slate Custom is unique!


How many sessions do I need?

Clean Slate Customs are perfect for your monthly professional treatment. If you're ready to commit to your skins journey- please check our our Effortless Membership, as it does include the Clean Slate Custom at a discounted price!

Does it hurt?

Not at all! This facial is EXTREMELY relaxing. You may feel some sensation from some of the treatments included, as they can have active ingredients.

How long are appointments?

A Clean Slate Custom appointment is 45 minutes to an hour.

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What is the cost?

Our Clean Slate Custom is $175.

Are you a candidate?

Some main contraindications that may preclude you from the Clean Slate Custom:

  • Pregnancy (Can be altered to be safe!)

  • Cancer

  • Accutane/Photosensitive Medication

  • Active Skin Disease/Coldsore

  • Recent facial waxing

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